Economy and culture


The combination of the economy and culture in the first of its kind with this level of achievement is remarkable. It is the annual international book fair hosted by Baghdad last week, which followed the activities of the exhibition either during his visit or during the media coverage.

I sent clear messages about the essence of the Iraqis, their unity and their love for Iraq, when the youthful and youthful youth of the future chanted with one song and one voice, "All of us Iraq."

This spontaneous mobilization accompanied the exhibition throughout the days of the show in front of hundreds of Arab economic and cultural figures And foreign and their different product, which was absent for years without the initiatives of civil
society organizations.

The two banking associations and the publishers met to produce this creative demonstration, which included various workshops.

It is a strange coincidence that this exhibition coincides with the issuance of Diwani order by the committee of empowering generations to the future, which included high-level figures from the public and private sectors.

In our previous column, and on this page, we have given this group great attention as the real capital of the country's development, development and development.

Today, we reiterate our continuous calls in this regard and it is therefore necessary to deduce the contents and results of this demonstration to be one of the important lines in the future work of the Committee.

The exhibition ended with the closing of its activities and its results tell us a story of success for the private sector and its specialized organizations.

Only for those who have not made a simple visit, we say that you missed a historic opportunity to learn how to deal with initiatives aimed at building the country and enhancing its economic culture, and are confident that you will review yourself to support future initiatives.

Thank you to the people of Iraq for their honorable position in expressing the joy of their victory over the enemies of Iraq and thanks to the organizers of the exhibition and to future initiatives that greet the joys of construction and reconstruction.

Iraq is in need of a game that carries more than one goal, as it contributes to increasing the knowledge, awareness and preparation of young people in the direction of their tendencies and thus strengthen their abilities to serve their country in their field.

The repetition of initiatives aimed at promoting the work force "youth" is very important and we are in the stages of building and restoring.
Comprehensive reconstruction .