What Is The Value Of The Laws Passed By Parliament?

The head of the parliamentary legal committee Muhsin al-Saadoun said on Saturday that all laws enacted in parliament during the previous two sessions are secondary and not important.

He pointed out that the adoption of the Federal Court Law will guarantee the political stability of the country.

Saadoun said in a statement that "most of the laws voted in the House of Representatives during the previous two sessions is not important and does not rise to the level of the work of the House of Representatives," noting that "the Federal Court Act of the most important laws invalid, although passing it guarantees stability.

Al-Saadoun added that "adapting the situation of the Federal Court with a new law will change the political reality and make all its decisions binding on all political parties, contrary to what is happening now of opposition by the political blocs to some decisions.

The MP for the coalition of state law Mansour al-Baiji confirmed earlier that most controversial laws that were not voted during the current session of the House of Representatives, will go to the next session.