Newspaper: Iran pushed for Maliki and Hakim ten million dollars each for electoral support


Baghdad/Iraq News Network-News newspaper, in a report published on Saturday, that "the State of law Coalition," headed by Nouri al-Maliki, and "stream" wisdom, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, than spending $ on electoral daaithma, indicating that the coalitions are backing their candidates Actors,

with sums ranging from (90) to (200), a $ Lebanese newspaper said in its report that Iran paid for Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim, ten million dollars each for electoral support, the paper said in its report from here came the unnatural spending on advertising For my list, Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim,

indicating that the coalitions support frivolous candidates sums ranging (90) to (200), a $ activist quoted in the electoral field, saying that "his peers, learnt how to blackmail some candidates,

by sale Active pages on Facebook network expensive price some pages are active, and purchased a number of candidates around 15 thousand dollars, refusing to talk about large lists candidates financial scarcity.

"he noted that" the candidate about lack of support from his coalition is actually untrue, adding "The State of law, Amar al-Hakim's unwise stream, coming on top of political entities to spending on electoral propaganda,

" adding that "wisdom and State law, the two biggest electoral coalitions in support of their candidates sums ranging from 90 to 200 thousand USD For frivolous candidates, "stating that" spending spending exceeds State law would weaken, but the latter come second at this level.

"and another activist was quoted in one of the organizations involved in election observation and monitoring violations, as saying that" a coalition victory of Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, almost the only Coalition does not fund candidates,

telling them that, "Abadi depends on its victory against Al ISIS, it doesn't need a campaign, although his images strikingly prevalent in many areas of Baghdad and score vital Declaration, since the TA Cees Alliance. "