Forming committees in the prime minister to attract the funds of the Kuwait Conference

Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced the formation of committees in the prime minister to brief donor countries Kuwait conference on investment projects in order to provide grants and loans, expressing Amlھa the arrival of funds during the current year. "

"The Council of Ministers has formed special committees of officials, ministers and experts in finance and investment to visit countries that have donated grants and loans to Iraq at the Kuwait conference," member of the committee Zahir al-Abbadi said in a statement.

He added that "these committees visited a number of countries and briefed them on some investment projects for the purpose of providing funds to Iraq, because participants required to see the projects before providing funds."

Ebadi said that "it is hoped that most of the money will arrive during the current year without specifying a specific time limit," referring to the "schedule of projects and their extent and approval by the States."