Cut "million dinars" from each deputy for the absence of one session

The newspaper "Life" in a report, that Iraqi MPs expect to carry out draft laws to the new parliamentary session, stressing "the difficulty" to hold meetings during the coming period of the current parliament.

The newspaper quoted an informed source that "the next sessions of parliament can not witness the completion of quorum for the convening, and will be held as extraordinary sessions."

He added that "the sanctions that will be imposed on the absence of deputies include cutting one million dinars from each deputy on one session."

The newspaper also quoted a member of the Legal Committee parliamentary Sadik al-Laban, "The laws that did not recognize during this session will go to the next session of the House of Representatives," adding that "the deportation of laws is normal and will get as happened in previous sessions,

That "all parliaments of the world are going through certain stages of the adoption of laws and when the parliament stops its work will be resolved within the corridors and in the committees."