Deputies: The Parliament has only five meetings and there are 20 laws that have not been legislated

The member of the parliamentary legal committee Ibtisam Hilali, Sunday, that the remainder of the current session of the House of Representatives five sessions and ends, indicating that there are 20 laws have not been legislated during this session.

Al-Hilali told "Iraq News" that "the House of Representatives needs to pause seriously during its last sessions to approve the important laws that have not been legislated and the number of 20 laws."

She added that "the House of Representatives did not remain at the end of its session only 5 sessions," noting that "in the case of every parliamentary session is voting on 5 laws can be legislation all the remaining laws."

The meetings of the House of Representatives intersections political and non-compatibility between the blocks to pass laws and legislation and most important law of oil and gas and the Federal Court.