Investment function of economic stability


How is Iraq built again? This need to extrapolate the visions of economists and finance. Most of them agree that investment is the best way to build it because of the complex circumstances known to all, and the conclusion that there is no material capacity at the time.

As for why and how this is not our subject in this area available to the column.
When talking about investment opportunities, Iraq leads most of the world in terms of opportunities because of what it needs to rebuild a civilized civil state up to its history, heritage and potential.

Perhaps the reason for the decline in investment in the countries of the world is due to the lack of need, and accordingly we feel the desire of the major international companies wishing to invest in Iraq due to the decline in global demand for it, so I said that Iraq is at the forefront in this area, and therefore most eyes are heading towards Iraq because Because of the continuous and continuous events without any development that touches on its actual and fundamental needs.

The biggest question here: What is the biggest challenge that hinders or delays attracting investors?
I asked the first economic thinker in Iraq now d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh on how to attract investment under the current situation: In short, security and economic stability are the basis.

Of course, this view involves the fact that what happened and occurs at different levels, and these two coincidences to be available, the investment will be present and at the time of request.

Therefore, the investment is a function of security and economic stability, so we explain the phenomenon of giving the world's major countries to interest in Iraq, as this indicator of interest that Iraq is at the forefront of all investment forums in the world from Davos to Kuwait, these two recent conferences give the international attention index.

Despite the widespread analysis of the results of these conferences regarding Iraq, the most important challenge facing investment in Iraq is the fierce competition between the superpowers to win the cake investment, which requires sustaining the momentum of security stability achieved, followed by economic stability and more important visions of economists in how Dealing with the requirements and excretions of international competition and investing in favor of Iraq.

When we see the machine of international companies revolve in the development of strategic projects and infrastructure, we say: Here has been achieved economic stability, so that the vertical load of the title of investment function of economic stability and all that is said about the possibility of building Iraq without a global investment is pure exaggerations.