Businessmen Union: Private sector conference to be held at the end of the month


Road map for the reconstruction of liberated cities
Baghdad / Saha Sheikli
The Iraqi private sector hopes to actively contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated cities of "Da'ash" after the Kuwait Conference of Donor Countries, as it is now ready for the reconstruction phase. The private sector, according to the Federation of Businessmen, is considering the size of the contribution and the quality of its reconstruction programs. Priorities for its work.

The head of the Union of Reconstructionists Ragheb Reza Blibel told Sabah that "foreign donors have contacted us to request a study of the possibility of restoring life to the three destroyed governorates (Salah al-Din, Anbar and Nineveh). A roadmap has been drawn up that includes the construction of schools and infrastructure, Which would bring life back to these areas. "

"It was hoped to put these projects at the Kuwait Conference and entrusted the President of the Fund, Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti, inviting the invitation to be in the conference and the subject is discussed in a formal manner, but the call for these bodies did not go," said Mstdarka "We have a complete map of projects needed by cities destroyed We did not
start it, waiting for the grants to come out. "
Projects execution

"We have been selected 30 companies to implement these projects, and we await the convening of a conference at the end of the month organized by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to consider what has been approved and agreed on loans and grants and put them into effect," adding,

"Now we await the results of the conference after the Kuwait Conference, , Where we told the Lebanese brothers to prepare for the arrival of 150 investment companies or shares, will attend this conference as Iran has expressed willingness to enter the companies in the work.

"But the Kuwait conference created a positive atmosphere for the entry of foreign companies. We were initially focused on having the Kuwait conference for donors, but the conference came out with results that we did not expect and it was hoped that the amount would be 88 billion dollars, but what was granted,

" he said. Iraq had a billion and 480 million dollars and the rest of the loans and guarantee the exports of countries that provided these figures, "indicating that total loans 29 billion dollars.

He pointed out that "the investment has included all the provinces and diversity according to the need of the province of services, stressing that" there are organizations that work and have considerable capabilities, and the National Investment Authority played a major role in the Kuwait Conference


said that" the work of the private sector needs facilities and measures taken by the government To fight administrative and financial corruption and to find the appropriate legal environment, to ensure the flow of investment as factors that encourage the arrival of the investor.

"He pointed out that" there are donors directly entered Italy, Japan, Germany and the United States to build damaged projects, "explaining that" there is in Nineveh important branch of the Union took on the public Housing was distributed residential land within the plan of action and started companies from the Iraqi private sector to work and bring life to some tourist areas.

Opportunity for the private sector
"We have set up a plan for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and we have set up 20 local construction, construction and reconstruction companies to enter as main or secondary contractors," said Hussein Rahim Bin, an economist at the General Federation of Businessmen.

"We chose to work in low-rise buildings, housing, schools, hospitals and some companies "We have specialized companies in electricity and we hope to give the state or committees that will form a great opportunity for the private sector and to provide us with maps and plans against which we identify the companies that will work, declaring that" the number of businessmen is 27 Fa and 500 members.