From the heart of Kuwait


Hussein al-Tamimi
The donors conference with a large international participation reflects the international interest in bringing Iraq back to the international front after winning victories over the terrorist forces that threaten
to turn the globe.

The victorious Iraq is starting from the heart of Kuwait to tell the world that it can be one hand with effort And reconstructing what was ravaged by the forces of darkness over a period of three years, which represented the age of the struggle against terrorism, which imposed its control over some cities and caused devastation in man, construction and all

life processes .

The conference in Kuwait aims to open up good prospects for working in liberated and other areas and presents other horizons for investment and work in front of the specialized international companies listed on the international labor list.

Here are the opportunities to stand up to the challenges as long as everyone is in one place Iraq with its public and private institutions and the world with its companies and governments .

We are moving from Kuwait to work to change the shape of the new Iraq, which is working to develop all its productive economic and service sectors to achieve the well-being of the Iraqi family by improving its economy and providing basic services to the whole of Iraq.

To the least important investments until reaching an acceptable level in this aspect, and to do so work in accordance with the plans of systematic annual, five and twenty follow-up by specialized committees that work does not affect the process of implementation

Or stop it.

The chances of building and building the list and the Iraqi market are promising, and this must be realized by the operators of the economic process, and here comes the role of simplifying procedures and creating an appropriate working environment that attracts companies participating in the conference donors and those who did not have opportunities to attend, and Iraq is already a kiss for the international effort Which we desperately

The positive results that we hope for the donors conference must be accompanied by procedures that are very transparent when translated into projects in the liberated areas or in the investment operations that are taking place in the different cities of Iraq, and this orientation we touched before participating through government statements to form a committee to follow up the work of the conference and the results that will result about him.

From the heart of Kuwait, the hopes for reconstruction and construction in the liberated areas and the implementation of investment projects in various cities and towns begin.