Call for Kuwait to extinguish the debt of Iraq

A member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity, Abdul Karim Abtan, on Monday, the State of Kuwait to issue an Amiri resolution includes extinguishing the debts incurred by Iraq as a result of the invasion of the former regime, while criticized the numerical abundance in the donor conference, which began today .

Abtan said in a press statement that "Kuwait, which hosts a conference of donors, should issue an Emiri decision to extinguish Iraq's debt and not invest in the remaining five billion dollars of debt .

Abtan added that "the large number of the present conference of Kuwait may contribute to give the Conference the desired fruit," pointing out that "the Iraqi government should go to the Conference of Kuwait paper Ammar concise and clear ."

The Kuwait conference of donors for the reconstruction of Iraq began Monday with the participation of hundreds of countries and international and regional organizations, which will continue until Wednesday .