Sileman: We are committed to supporting the United Nations in Iraq


The US Embassy in Baghdad said that Ambassador Douglas Silliman and UNDP Resident Representative Liz Grande visited the Nineveh Plain, indicating that they highlighted the partnership between Washington and the United Nations to support Baghdad's efforts to help displaced people return home.

"Salliman and Gandhi visited several locations in the Nineveh Plain to highlight the partnership between the United States and the United Nations in supporting the Iraqi government's efforts to help vulnerable minorities return to their areas after liberation from a terrorist organization," al-Sabah said.

"During the visit to the historic cities of Hamdania and Karamlis, inhabited by Christians and considered the home of Syriac Catholic and Chaldean communities, the US ambassador affirmed the commitment of the United States government to support the financing of the United Nations Development Program to restore stability," he said.

$ 190.3 million for the Stabilization Facility Facility, which includes a recent contribution of $ 75 million, of which the United States allocated part of the projects specifically located in the Nineveh Plain, and pledged an additional contribution Of $ 75 million this year «.

"We are committed to supporting the programs of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) so as to stabilize all displaced Iraqis to return to their liberated and stable areas," Silliman said at the inauguration ceremony of Al Hamdania Hospital after being initially rehabilitated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ,

Noting that «the US government has recently approved the grant of $ 2.6 million for the rehabilitation of the United Nations program for the hospital and the purchase of medical equipment needed» For its part, said UNDP Resident Representative Grande:

"We are very grateful to the Government "The UNDP is implementing more than 1,000 projects across Nineveh province," she said. "With this ongoing support, we can accelerate this important work and help bring hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis home."