State of Law puts the hand on "the biggest scandal in Iraq's history"


SOMER NEWS: MP for the coalition of state law, Fardous Al-Awadi, "adding" paragraphs not voted to the amnesty law, describing it as "the biggest scandal in the history of Iraq."

Al-Awadi said, "This scandal can not go unnoticed, and all the authorities must be at the legislative, judicial and executive levels to investigate the subject, and reveal who added a paragraph in the law in the Iraqi fact sheet through which terrorists who targeted the security forces and Iraqis Pardons".

"The Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers must clarify their position on this forgery and how this paragraph reaches the official newspaper without voting or ratified by the House of Representatives."

"The results of the investigation must be before the Iraqi people to know well and identify who has an interest in amnesty for the terrorists and the killing of the Iraqi people," she said. "The House of Representatives is obliged to announce an investigation committee in this regard."