New secrets about Mosul fall


Al-Watan newspaper published a report in its edition on Thursday under the title 'new secrets about the conspiracy of al-Maliki and Iran to overthrow Mosul '.

The newspaper leaked 'records of meetings that gathered leaders of major political forces in Baghdad, then Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki deliberately left Mosul in the hands of terrorists, according to an Iranian plan centered on the dangerous situation of the fate of the Syrian regime, which was about to collapse, and adopted the plan on the grounds of the most important :

1. Send a message of horror to the international community after the control of «Da'ash» that the terrorist forces will prostrate «inevitably» after the withdrawal of Iraqi forces .

2. Attempt to destroy the Kurdistan region, as it was expected to invade «calling» for the region, which actually happened before the intervention of US and Western fighter jets .

3. To justify the formation of a popular army under the title of the protection of sectarian sanctities, and this step was a force for Iranian influence in Iraq and the region .

4. Exposing Iraqi Sunni cities to deep humanitarian and structural crises, considering that counter-war will be confined to these cities occupied by terrorists .

5. Justification of Iran's military intervention in Iraq, because Iran's influence was limited to the political and economic aspect before the fall of Mosul .

6. Support the plan of the Houthis in Yemen to seize power in Sanaa, and this is what happened nearly six months after the fall of Mosul.