Discuss the working papers of the upcoming Kuwait conference


The day of the liberation of the land is a national holiday
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Kuwaiti National Team headed by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, discussed a set of working papers to be presented by Iraq at the Kuwait Conference to be held next February. Official.

"The working papers discussed by the team with the Governor of the Central Bank included a paper on the approved financial policies for the general framework of the National Plan for Reconstruction and Development, in addition to the report of the advisers on the reality of mine contamination in the liberated areas and the possibility of including it in the table Conference Proceedings ».

"The team also reviewed a number of issues related to the results of the media delegation's meeting with the Kuwaiti side last year, Who recently received their requests as EU foreign policy chief Federica Mugrini and the initial approval of Germany to speak in the post-conflict reconstruction clause.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers chaired the workshop on the policy of financing projects between the World Bank and representatives of government and economic entities concerned with investment projects.

He said that the government has a comprehensive investment plan to be presented at the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of the industrial, agricultural and economic sectors, Iraq will deal with banks and international destinations ».

The Director of the World Bank's Office in Iraq, Yara Salem, referred to the "completion of the proposal to study a strategy for cofinancing the Iraq Financing Fund", describing the mechanism of the financing process and its principles, including diversification of sources and smart subsidies to benefit from funds and grants and credibility with companies and investors.

, And the World Bank has identified three areas of potential focus for funding: the private sector, the public sector, and innovative financing. "

On the other hand, announced the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday, the recommendation of the Council of Parliament to amend the draft law on public holidays.

"The amendment includes the text of Article (1 / I / L), to be the day of liberation of the land of Iraq from the gangs of terrorist advocates corresponding to the tenth of December, the national day of the Republic of Iraq and an official holiday of each year».

"The draft law comes to highlight the most important events related to the lives and feelings of the Iraqi people, and to determine the national holiday of Iraq and the organization of public holidays and the cancellation of some occasions associated with the former regime Almkbor.

The Council of Ministers also decided to declare the Victory Monument to be the official monument of the Republic of Iraq.

"The monument will reflect the heroism and sacrifice of the Iraqis in defending their homeland and their nation," the statement said, "an assessment of the sacrifices made to free the territory of Iraq from the profiteering of terrorist gangs."