Presidency of the parliament suspended the membership of two deputies to cover the resignation of "Samarrai"

The Presidency of the House of Representatives used its powers to suspend the membership of two deputies for a specified period and refer them to the investigation, which may lead to the removal of their membership from the House of Representatives.

They may be fined on the grounds of impeding the work of the House of Representatives. MPs to cover the consequences of the resignation of MP Mutashar Samurai.

The parliament decided on Wednesday to suspend the two members of parliament, Riyad Ghali and Awad al-Awadi, for 15 days and refer them to the investigation.

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the agency "Media Media" a copy of it, "The Council seeks to carry out its legislative tasks to pass the important laws require everyone to take a serious and responsible for approval,

" stressing that "we face great challenges imposed on all parties The political move away from stirring up differences and conflicts that are intended to impede the work of the Council through the creation of problems on the files of the procedure to be adopted by Parliament permanently in accordance with the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Council.

He explained that "MPs Riad Ghali and Awad al-Awadi raised in a meeting on Monday, the eighth of January, to circumvent the legal contexts during the vote on one of the replacement deputies of the Union of Iraqi forces," noting that "the President of the House of Representatives decided in accordance with his constitutional and legal powers write off the statements of Representatives (Listed above) from last Monday's session and suspend their membership for 15 days. "

He added that the decision included "deductions from the days that the membership is suspended as much as is deducted from the absent absentee without a legitimate excuse, and referral of them to the committee to apply the code of conduct for the purpose of investigating the violation assigned to them and impose a commensurate punishment may reach the downfall of membership."

The hearing, on Monday, a verbal quarrel and defended by some of the deputies of the Alliance of Forces and the Liberal bloc parliamentary session on the intention to offer a vote on Muthanna al-Samarrai substitute for the outgoing MP Mutashar Samurai in the House of Representatives, which was supported by the deputies of the Alliance of Forces and rejected some of the Liberal bloc MPs.

The coalition of forces decided to boycott the parliament sessions until the "apology" of the attack on one of his deputies.