New scandal with 6.5 billion dollars .. Mafia corruption behind most of the contracts of ministries with fictitious companies

The contracts of ministries with investment companies executing a number of service projects caused financial losses and political scandals due to the lack of experience of the negotiating team and the preference of the personal interest in the national interest, as well as the involvement of influential political figures in those contracts, which is behind the deterioration of the service situation in the country.

Parliamentary sources confirmed that these companies are inefficient and do not have a commercial record or similar works like those in Iraq. The contracts of the ministries of electricity, oil, transport, trade and others have seen major scandals in public money and implicated by corruption mafia close to influential political figures in the political process.

The weakness of the law and the lack of government control began to contract with foreign companies do not have fake commercial records for the theft of funds contracts, the legal committees in the ministries were marginalized clearly, most of these contracts do not contain the decimal and five-year guarantees and according to the type of project, Sector 20% of the contract value for maintenance purposes and this paragraph disappeared.

The weakness of the law and the amendment of some paragraphs of the sanctions contributed to the promotion of corrupt robbers without the existence of deterrent penalties.

Most of the contracts concluded by the ministries are not subject to legal supervision.

They also allow theft of funds without imposing any penalties on corrupt people through the political pressure on the Judicial Council to change some legal provisions in order to reduce the penalties against the corrupt.

These contracts caused huge financial losses, We have not seen the introduction of influential people to the judiciary on charges of corruption, despite the existence of files condemning them because of quotas that protect those characters from the law.

"The weakness of the law and the lack of review of investment contracts by the specialized committees in the ministries led to the intensification of the phenomenon of corruption, there are many projects held with fictitious companies led to the loss of billions of dollars and did not submit a person accused of the judiciary Of the influential politicians,

and the latest scandals scandal Maysan refinery implemented by a company worth 6.5 billion dollars with a bankrupt company four years ago did not implement the project and yet insists the Ministry of Oil to extend the warning of the need to implement the project or else cancel the contract and the question where the money went,

And A British company running Baghdad International Airport turned out to be corrupt and has no experience in this area. "There are political figures behind these projects that have not been prosecuted.

The laws do not match the size of the penalties and the verdicts of corruption. They differ from one official to another, and this is a disaster we have not seen in the countries of the world."

For his part, says the economist Jassim al-Ukaili in contact with the (Iraqi observer): the weakness of the law encouraged the mafia corruption to control the service projects, which wasted large sums of money and did not find those who are held accountable for those crimes, the contracts of some service ministries are corrupt and are behind the deterioration of the level of service provided to the citizen In light of a clear government weakness.

A report by Britain's Arak Business News on a scandal over a contract signed by the Iraqi oil ministry with Swiss company Starim at the $ 6.5 billion Maysan refinery, said the company was bankrupt and had legal issues still in court.

The report said the oil ministry announced on May 4 that it had committed Maysan International Refineries (in fact Swiss bankrupt Stearm) to sign a commitment to start work on the refinery Maysan within 30 days or the contract will be terminated.