Oil: an 80% increase in the investment of the raw gas project Basrah Gas Company

Oil Minister announced on Monday, an unprecedented increase in the investment of gas in the project of the Basrah Gas Company by 80%, pointing to the achievement of investment 230 Muqmq from the fields of the South and Maysan.

"The Gas Company of Basra has achieved an unprecedented increase in the investment of raw gas and by up to 80% with the investment of 230 Muqmq from the fields of the South and Maysan in early January of the new year 2018 compared to the same Month of 2017 ".

He added that "the investment capacity of this project reached a rate of 900 (cubic) standard cubic feet per day," noting that "the achievement of further increase in the investment of raw gas from the fields of the South Gas Company and Missan Oil Company up to 230 (cubic) million Standard cube feet per day ".

"This great achievement will enhance the country's ability to export liquid gas and natural gas and will increase sustainable development and increase investor confidence in petrochemical and fertilizer projects due to stability in the abundance of raw material for these industries, which is refined gas," he said.

Al-Luaibi praised "the support of the Prime Minister for the efforts of the oil sector workers who continue the night by day to optimize the investment of the national wealth and preserve it, increase production and work to maximize the revenues derived from it.

" He pledged "the national government and the Iraqi people to move forward to achieve other achievements during the new year "