The government begins the "financial management" law to pay salaries


The parliamentary legal committee, "the government's intention to re-draft budget law next year without any amendment, noting that the government will start early next month, the law" financial management "to pay salaries.

The committee member Zana Said in a press statement followed by "Trend Press" on Saturday, "The government will work during the next month the financial management law for the purpose of paying salaries and running the financial affairs of the state not to ratify the budget proposal next year.

He added that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed the possibility of an amendment to the major amendments to the budget because there is no material liquidity during the next year because of the continued decline in world oil prices.

"Said Said," The government will send the draft law as it is without any amendment to it, "noting that" This makes the Parliament to the first two options first read the draft first and then put the necessary adjustments or not to receive the budget
and keep the government to act in fiscal year in accordance with the Financial Management Law " .