The rise in customs revenues to trillion and 14 billion dinars


The General Customs Authority announced its revenues for the current year to reach one trillion and 14 billion dinars until 31/10/2017 after revenues were estimated at 559 billion dinars last year, expected to reach revenues to trillion and 200 billion dinars by the end of this year.

The head of the General Customs Authority, Munther Abdul Amir Asad Haider, said in an interview with "Al Sabah", which will be published later:

The increase in
revenues is more than double, and the number achieved is the first in the history of the Authority and reflects the success of the new procedures, especially after the application of the Tariff Law in January 2016.

"This revenue boom has been achieved despite the decrease in the volume of imports and the poor financial situation of the country.

This is evidence of the efficiency of collection compared to last year," Haidar said, noting that the statistics in the department of planning and follow-up in the department confirm these figures and their ability to increase.

He explained that among the measures that helped to increase the volume of imports start to activate the anti-corruption file and work on the principle of punishing the offender and accounting neglected and reconsider the efficiency and distribution of workers at the level of border customs centers.