What next?

Haidar Kazem Al-Baghdadi
for each project aims to establish for them and lead a productive or service-general activity comes with financial returns commensurate with the cost and type of economic activity, which is recognized throughout the


In Iraq, the past period has witnessed the opening of the banking system on a large scale and commensurate with the future of our promising economy and the expected volume of work in all sectors of production and service, which has decreased in performance over the past decades, reinforcing the need for new strategic projects without it.

Of course, the economic process requires a highly developed and modernized banking activity to complete all the operations required by the labor market, which is moving towards reconstruction and construction, and local, regional and international efforts.

The banking system is the focus of success and smooth work and achievement within the periods specified in the assignment.

Here we must have our banking system to adopt phased and phased development plans, ie, an annual development plan that is complementary to a five- or ten-year plan, and thus we have created a banking sector that adopts effective and correct banking tools that are always successful rather than temporary for the bank.

Our banking system must also realize that it is demanding that it be highly responsible and do its products in a way that supports the process of sustainable development, and here we talk about the banks that stand at a certain traditional level, especially at the same time we have banks working hard to catch up with developments in the arena

In addition to the efforts of the competent organizations that work to communicate with the best banks globally and work to consolidate the relationship with them, as it meets the need of Iraq to have an integrated banking system and this is consistent with the instructions of the Central Bank of


The banking system has great responsibilities and it must move to the stage of self-reliance in achieving profits and funding its administration and branches spread throughout all regions of Iraq and be dependent on the auction of secondary currency ie the extent of achievement or participation in economic development and that banks treat each according to the completion and not capital exclusively .

And there are local refineries that have proven their existence and adopted the best advanced banking systems and obtained the ISO International Certificate, even though they did not enter the currency auction.

This is evidence that local capabilities have the experience to enable them to develop local banking performance and move the banking system to a better stage. Sustainable development of Iraq.