Provided ... Baghdad obliges Kurdistan to pay 250 thousand barrels per day
Member of the Parliamentary Energy Committee,

A member of the parliamentary energy committee, Arieh Abdullah, called on the government to conclude a political agreement with the Kurdistan government on determining the amount of oil exported from the north in the budget next year and the amounts allocated to Kurdistan.

"The government has committed through next year's budget Kurdistan to pay 250 thousand barrels per day to the government as a condition to pay the dues of the north, and this percentage needs a strong political agreement to ensure that it is not repudiated by both parties," committee member Ariz Abdullah said on Monday.

He pointed out that the political agreement will end the differences that occurred last year and ensure the flow of oil without any secondary problems impede the passage of the budget in addition to his call to open a serious dialogue with Erbil to end the differences and open new horizons of cooperation to ensure delivery of all federal imports in Kurdistan to the central government.