Parliament transmits the budget of 2018 to the Finance Committee


To amend them and prepare a final version before being presented in a special session
Baghdad / follow-up morning
The President of the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim Jubouri draft budget bill 2018 on the Finance Committee of the parliamentary to prepare a final version and presented in another extraordinary session.

He stressed Jubouri during the consultative session held by the Council on Sunday; the objections of all blocks on the budget.

That the government was able to stabilize the salaries of employees and retirees in the budget of 2018, announced the Kurdish blocs on Sunday a statement of 7 paragraphs clarifying their views and objections on the budget.

The House of Representatives on Sunday, a consultative session chaired by Dr. Jubouri, on mechanisms to deal with the project Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2018.

Parliamentary interventions
in the interventions of the House of Representatives, MP Magda Tamimi , expressed surprise at the existence of a trend to bring the budget to the government, calling to read and then make adjustments after the submission of comments to the Finance Committee.

The MP Khalaf Abdul Samad said that oil-producing provinces did not get their rights, calling for a budget to be returned to the government, which bears responsibility for delaying the submission of the budget to the House of Representatives.

The MP Jabar al-Abadi said that the House of Representatives has two options either "approval" or "amendment" and can not be submitted to a vote by approval or not because it is a clear constitutional violation.

MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum stressed the need not to repeat past experiences and calculate the damage caused by the re-budget to the government Any delay in the budget will lead to the disruption of the work of foreign oil companies, which leads to the reduction of financial imports resulting from oil production, and MP Ammar Tohma rejected the re-budget because it will disrupt the various areas.

For his part, MP Salah al-Jubouri; collect the observations of the blocks on the budget and delivered to the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and to hold a meeting with the Prime Minister and the adoption of constitutional proposals for the purpose of amendment before proceeding towards the first reading.

The MP Hanan al-Fatlawi said there is no desire in the House of Representatives to disrupt the adoption of the budget, noting the existence of observations with the representatives of the provinces of the center and south Aswa in other provinces on the draft federal budget law, and invited MP Sajida Mohammed to provide grades for graduates within the budget and include the salaries of security personnel returning to Jobs.

MP Jawad al-Bolani called for the importance of resolving the water crisis and providing funds for contract employees within the budget. In turn, MP Iyad al-Jubouri demanded that the sons of Iraq be included in the budget in order to obtain their rights.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government has expressed its willingness to negotiate the salaries of the staff of the region, which requires the introduction of a representative in the State Committee for the audit of the preparation of staff in the region."

"The government has already challenged many of the amendments made to previous budgets, most of which concern the people of Iraq," MP Kazem al-Sayadi said, calling for "amendments to serve the people."

The decision of referral and
announced the President of the House of Representatives referred the draft federal budget law for fiscal year 2018 to the Finance Committee to collect objections that have been mentioned or submitted in writing by everyone and empower the Committee by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to discuss with the government on the draft budget law and prepare a final version of him and be notified The Presidency of the Council in order to determine an extraordinary session to be presented.

In its response to the interventions, the Finance Committee confirmed its commitment to the opinion of the House of Representatives on mechanisms to proceed reading the budget in 2018, pointing to the existence of clear objections by some of the parliamentary blocs on the draft law, and called the Finance Committee members of the House of Representatives to provide them with their proposals on the draft budget law for the year 2018 A maximum of two days for the Committee to discuss and submit it to the Prime Minister.

The House of Representatives held on Sunday, an extraordinary session is the second to discuss the draft bill of the budget of 2018, which announced access to text to the Council last Wednesday.

Legal opinion In turn, the parliamentary legal committee confirmed that the draft budget law for 2018 is not subject to change and amendment in the House of Representatives.

A member of the Committee, Kamel al-Zaidi said during a press statement on Sunday: "The doors of the budget of 2018 financial locked completely and is not subject to mobility and change," stressing that "the situation of the national economy is the one who imposed the budget in this manner."

He pointed out that "the government does not have the ability to meet the demands of parliamentarians objecting to the budget of the year and the Kurds and the deputies of the
provinces producing oil and gas because of the division of funds on all sections of the budget"

"He added that" the central government was able through the budget to stabilize the salaries of state employees and retirees.

"He concluded by saying:" The general budget was built on the available data and there is no money in the government to rotate between the doors. " 7 Kurdish paragraphs

The Kurdish blocs announced their position on the draft budget 2018, and issued a statement containing 7 paragraphs of rejection and make comments on the budget, and objected to the Kurdish blocs to include the budget formations calling for direct contact with the provinces and not the government of the region, as expressed by the Kurdish blocs objection to reduce the share of the region,

The Council of Ministers should be authorized to increase expenditures when needed, reduce the region's share of the ruling expenditures, not include the salaries of the Peshmerga, not include Halabja as a legally recognized Iraqi governorate and demand the abolition of
staff deductions.