Federal Court set next Monday to consider the claims of the referendum


Report: The government gets a UN document allowing it to control Sheikhan and Fishekhabour
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The Federal Supreme Court set the next Monday, the twentieth of this month as a date to consider the claims of the referendum in the Kurdistan region.

At a time when a parliamentary source confirmed that the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi rejected any conditional dialogue with the region, pointing out that
the negotiations between the federal government and the region will not take place before the cancellation of the referendum
, announced the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Najran Barzani his readiness for dialogue with the federal government according to the Iraqi constitution , And that it is awaiting Baghdad's approval to conduct such a dialogue.

This comes at a time when Kurdish sources announced the start of negotiations between the two sides, and the opposition parties held their position to establish a government of national salvation and the abolition of the presidency in the region.

The date of the meeting
Federal Court spokesman Ayas al-Samuk said in a statement received by Al-Sabah on Monday: "The court set the date of November 20 as the date for the consideration of the four cases filed by the plaintiffs against the defendants who are responsible for the referendum process in the Kurdistan region.

" Samok, that «the court felt the representative of the Kurdistan region in Baghdad, for the process of reporting and return the notice sheet reported in accordance with the law, and confirmed this to twice and pending the re-reporting so that the Court to decide the constitutional or unconstitutional referendum».

Rejecting the government for
his part, said the leader of the Dawa Party MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar: The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, refused to negotiate and conditional dialogue by the Kurdistan Regional Government, pointing out that the negotiations will not take place only after the cancellation of the results of the referendum.

"The dignity and rights of the Kurdish people are safeguarded and preserved by the prime minister," Jaafar said in an interview on Monday.

"The government's steps are to hold the accountability of the Kurdish people for robbing their rights and plundering their goods."

He added that «the salaries of Kurdish employees, and the share of the region of the federal budget of the country, estimated by the legislative and executive bodies», stressing that «the Kurdistan government is not in a position to help conditions or blackmail Baghdad».

He pointed out that «the dialogue will not take place, unless the announcement of the cancellation of the results of the referendum secession of Kurdistan», pointing out that «the government refused to visit Kurdish political delegation to Baghdad and stipulated cancellation of the results of the referendum».

Document UN On the other hand, according to news reports on Monday that the central government intends to impose its control over the areas of both Sheikhan and Ba'shiqah and Fishkhabour after receiving a document from the United Nations Mission in Iraq, confirms that the three regions outside of what is known as the Blue Line.

"The central government in Baghdad will impose control over the areas of Sheikhan, Bashiqa and Fishekhabour within the next few days after receiving a document from the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) confirming that the three areas outside the so-called Blue separation between the Kurdistan region and the rest of the Iraqi cities in 1991 ».

The report quoted a source in the Foreign Ministry as saying: The document on the statement of the borders of the Kurdistan region, under the Blue Line, was lost from the ministry during the time of former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, prompting the government to address the United Nations for a second version, which is treated as an international document Gives the government the right to assert control over areas claimed by the Kurdistan region that it lies within its territory, in addition to the oil fields located in the disputed areas ».

In turn, excluded MP from the National Alliance Abbas al-Bayati, Kurdish parties could remove the Kurdistan Democratic Party from the political life in Kurdistan, noting that the party will remain a pillar of the pillars of Kurdish political life .

Al-Bayati revealed in a press statement, "Al-Sabah", on Kurdish differences and the Kurdish-Kurdish movement to demand broader participation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the administration of the Presidency of Kurdistan, indicating that "these claims must be determined by the people of Kurdistan through the elections.

" He added that " "Eight months is a blow and a blow to Kurdish democracy, so the other parties will not be able to easily remove the Democratic Party from the pivotal political role in power in Kurdistan."

He pointed out that "Nizhrvan Barzani, who has now handed over the powers of the President of Kurdistan legal may be the person provided by the party To the presidency of the region because the transfer of powers to him was based on a decision of the Parliament of Kurdistan ».

Barzani's remarks
For his part, announced the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Najafan Barzani, that the region will issue an official response to the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court on the referendum of secession of the region, noting that the current provincial government is temporary and was extended by the parliament.

Barzani said in a press conference from Erbil on Monday: «We have studied the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court and we will issue our official response later», and stressed that «will be scheduled to conduct elections after consultation with the Kurdish political parties», and said: «We will meet with political parties Kurdish soon and we will send an official response to the Federal Court on the referendum ».

"We are ready for dialogue with Baghdad according to the constitution, but we have not received a response so far. We have not received a date or acceptance from Baghdad on the start of negotiations so far," he said. "We appreciate the efforts of the United States and urged them to hold the dialogue. To start negotiations ».

Barzani said: "The Peshmerga is part of the military system in Iraq has proved its worth in its war against the Daash." Kurdish sources in the meantime, Kurdish political sources said on Monday that the stage of disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil may see a breakthrough soon, after it revealed the readiness of the Kurdistan region to cancel the results of the referendum for a certain price.

The sources added that «the announcement of cancellation of the referendum may be a reasonable price for any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, under which the Kurdistan region to get a fair share of the federal budget of the federal», and continued, «According to these data, indications of the possibility of declaring the Kurdistan region to cancel the results of the referendum Controversial on 25 September last, on the secession of the Territory; increasing and suggesting a close settlement ».

In turn, said a senior member of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, on Monday, that an important meeting held between the Movement for Change and the Islamic Group to discuss the formation of a government of national salvation in Kurdistan after the setback suffered by the government because of the referendum, said MP from the group Zana Said:

Kurdistan with the support of the Change Bloc and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan seeking to dissolve the post of President of the Kurdistan region and the abolition of the law as a ring of excessive and problematic political problems that cause the crises experienced by the Kurdish citizen ».

"Saeed said that« Kurdistan is required to reorganize its relations with the federal government according to the Constitution in order to achieve the constitutional gains of the Kurds and not the interest of a particular party », and regarding the elections next year Said said that« the Islamic Group is determined to participate in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections for 2018 alone », Denying entry and alliance with other lists, whether Arab or Kurdish to enter the elections.

In the same context, stressed the Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Bahaa Eddin, the need to think all Kurdish political parties to find urgent solutions to the political crisis in Kurdistan.

The Information Office of the Islamic Union in a statement received by «morning»: «The Secretary-General of the Islamic Union during a meeting with the General Coordinator of the Movement for Change Omar Ali Ali in Sulaymaniyah; expressed regret for the failure to resolve the crises in Kurdistan as well as the situation of citizens so far and trend towards the worst», That «the citizens can no longer take responsibility for the poor situation and pay the tax of errors of decades of the rule of officials of the Kurdistan region», in reference to the ruling Barzani family.

For his part, stressed the General Coordinator of the Movement for Change, Omar Ali Ali, "the need for unity of the Kurdish political parties coincide with rapid political developments as well as the possibility of a new war in the region," explaining that "the citizens should not pay the Kurds tax the failure of the Kurdistan government more» .

Deputies of secession
In turn, a member of the Legal Committee of the parliamentary high Nassif, the negotiations conducted by the Presidency of the House of Representatives on the fate of deputies participating in the referendum and the lifting of immunity, noting that the hearing Tuesday will witness their referral to the judiciary.

Nassif said in a press statement: "The Presidency of the House of Representatives is currently negotiations on the fate of deputies covered by the lifting of immunity on the background of their participation in the referendum without the participation of members of parliament," indicating that "the role of the presidency is not organizational and the role of reducing the role of 328 deputies,"

adding that " The right of the Presidency of the House of Representatives to negotiate on those deputies and go to any party and give assurances on that », stressing that« the session of Parliament will vote on their referral to the judiciary after the completion of the mini-committee for its actions ».

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabbar Yawar, on Monday, that the situation is completely calm on all fronts, indicating that there is no need to worry.

"The situation is completely calm on all fronts and there is no need for concern," Yawar said in an interview on the reality of the situation in the center of Elton Kubri. "Movements in this axis and all the other axes near Kirkuk, Makhmour, Shikhan and Fishkhabur are all normal movements. God of the parties, the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga and do not raise concerns ».

Governorate of Kirkuk
In the middle of this picture, the head of the Movement for Change in the House of Representatives Sarwa Abdul Wahid, in a press statement on Monday: It is necessary to return the members of the brotherhood bloc to the Kirkuk Provincial Council to conduct the work of the Council and expedite the provision of services to citizens and work to return the displaced to Kirkuk or Kirkuk to their homes », as confirmed by saying:«

We are against the dissolution of the Kirkuk Provincial Council and we are working to speed up the coordination as soon as possible and choose a president of the Council until the holding of local elections in the province like the rest of the Iraqi provinces », indicating that« the application of Article 140 of Kirkuk and the disputed areas very important".

In turn, called the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Giyath Al-Sarji political blocs in the province of
Kirkuk to hold an emergency meeting to choose a national candidate for the post of governor, said Sergei:

«For the purpose of resolving the outstanding issues in the province of Kirkuk, we call as a national
federation of Kurdistan for an emergency meeting of all members of the Kirkuk Council to choose a candidate Union for the post of governor Rizkar Ali », and added that« the position of the governor share of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan », urging« the political blocs to accelerate the installation of the
governor ».