What is the Iraqi parliamentary finance on the cuts of salaries of employees in the budget?

The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Tuesday, the size of fiscal deficit in the budget next year 2018 by about 21 percent.

The committee member Majida al-Tamimi said in a statement: "The committee seeks to cancel all deductions in the salaries of employees," adding that "the government estimated the amount of funds allocated for the budget next year by about 108 trillion dinars and a deficit of more than 22 trillion, Percent, "

She added that" the government will rely on internal and external debt and increase the diversification of sources and improve the performance of the economy to meet the budget deficit, "stressing that" the draft budget needs additional time to make adjustments to it.

"Tamimi said," The budget includes the identification of 4.8 As salaries of employees for the purpose of d M budget crowd and displaced persons , but the Finance Committee is seeking to abolish completely and restore the employees ' salaries to what it is or reduced appropriately. "