Data and banking transparency


The movement of money in all countries of the world is of great interest by the central banks, which adopt a monetary policy consistent with the reality of the situation in the country in light of the economic capabilities and market requirements of the currency.

The stability of the countries generated many devices within the central banks, all the movements of money and transactions that are conducted and control of the imposition of systems that maintain the capital market supportive of the stages of development free of the forms of challenges and tarnish the financial reality.

Despite the fact that Iraq has experienced abnormal conditions during the past decades, which led to confusion of the reality of the money and made it to the challenges did not face any country, but the results were acceptable, and started the work of the central under the rubble on more than one occasion, and worked to prove its existence and support the economy of the country through His declaration of acceptable initiatives needs to be activated.

And the economic exceptions experienced by Iraq make the Central Bank to the responsibilities of many and renewed and organized and transparent, especially as the size of the banks are large and follow all the work because it depends on the instructions of the Central to regulate its activities.

In Iraq we have a large number of private local banks and branches of foreign banks owners of sophisticated technologies can be employed to serve the Iraqi money market through friction Iraqi expertise employed in those branches, and work to increase the numbers under the guidance of the Central Bank, which has a database on the preparation of employees in foreign banks Updated periodically.

And here we can make the branches of foreign banks an effective tool in the training of Iraqi banking competencies and we determine by employing a number of young people in charge of banking in those banks under the supervision of a special committee commissioned by the Iraqi Central for this purpose exclusively, and follow by his senior management of the importance of the subject.

In this way, we are working on evaluating the mechanisms of the branches of foreign banks and creating local expertise that will support the work of banks with new blood, which is capable of advanced systems, as well as stand at the job opportunities provided by these branches to local expertise and prepare the employees.

The responsibilities are large and complex, which face the work of the Iraqi Central, but the existence of experiences that undermine this, and this is what the competent international institutions have indicated that there is a development in performance, and this is reflected in this success on the performance of private banks, which will be the focus of future economic development and waiting for the "Central" For its continuous performance and transparent care.