Government insurance companies support the state treasury

"The state insurance companies are considered pillars of support for the national economy because the
insurance contributes to reduce the losses suffered by large projects while providing a safe and secure environment for foreign companies that intend to work in Iraq,"
said Mustafa Al Hashemi , Director General of the National Insurance Company. In addition, state insurance companies subsidize the state treasury with funds from its net profits and production premiums. "

Shemoun added that her company "sought to spread the culture of insurance through its participation in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair," indicating that this is to "introduce the public to the importance of insurance in the lives of citizens."

She pointed out that "the National Insurance Company was keen to participate in the Baghdad International Fair for the fifth time in a row,"
stressing that "

She confirmed that the pavilion of the two companies received many citizens who were impressed with the types of insurance designed to meet the wishes of customers, indicating that the marketing device of the two companies is meeting with managers of private and public companies' wings to view the services of the two companies.