The stock market is trading 24 billion shares worth more than 13 billion dinars

The Iraqi market for securities traded 24 billion shares and the value exceeded the 13 billion dinars during the past week with a number of transactions amounted to 1284.

In a statement received by Mawazine News, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the market's chief executive, said that "the Iraqi Stock Exchange traded during last week's sessions shares of (45) companies in the regular market and (5) companies in the second market to reach the number of companies listed in the market ( 101) are joint stock companies, of which 72 are listed in the regular market and 29 are listed on the second market.

"The number of companies suspended from trading due to non-compliance with the annual and quarterly disclosure of the company and the market has become 24 after the decision of the Securities Commission to suspend trading on the shares of the Iraqi Seed Production Company for failing to comply with the financial disclosure instructions," he added.

The number of traded shares reached 24.066 billion shares last week compared to 24.811 billion shares for the week before, down by 3.00 percent. The value of traded shares amounted to 13.851 billion dinars against 14.883 billion dollars, (6.93%) for the previous week.

"The number of transactions executed last week reached (1284) transactions compared to (1394) for the week before, closing the ISX 60 index at the end of the week at (5555.60) points, down by (1.79%) from the close of the week before when it closed At (565.72) points. "

"The number of shares for non-Iraqi investors in the Iraqi market for securities purchased by non-Iraqi investors reached 542 million shares last week, up by 87.75 percent compared to the previous week, and by 426 million dinars through the implementation of ( 178) and the share of (7) companies by (21.42%).

He added that "the number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors last week amounted to (1) billion shares, up by (354.91%) compared to the week before and the value of (601) million dinars through the implementation of (176) on the shares of (3) companies (395.45%) compared to the previous week. "