Abadi reveals the losses of Iraq for three years because of the urging

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, revealed the losses suffered by Iraq in three years dominated by the organization is calling on large areas of the country.

"The assessment of Iraq's losses has doubled to more than $ 100 billion, which is only the cost of economic destruction and infrastructure caused by the occupation of the Iraqi cities by the state organization," Abbadi said in a speech to reporters in Karbala province.

He added that the operation carried out by the security forces currently "are not in areas controlled by the state organization necessarily, but are large desert areas and open and need to be cleared."

The commander of operations in the Iraqi special forces, Abdul Amir Rasheed announced military units and the tribal crowd began the attack on the area of ​​Rumaneh and the rule of Rawa within the first phase of control of the island and Upper Euphrates.