Parliamentary Finance: Abadi promised to reconsider the budget of Kurdistan

The parliamentary Finance Committee, Saturday, the pledge of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to reconsider the wording of the budget items next year on the allocations of the Kurdistan region, stressing that Abadi promised that the allocation of the region is fair and satisfactory to all parties.

The committee's decision Ahmed Hama said in a statement that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi promised to reconsider the provisions of the Kurdistan region and financial allocations," noting that "the promises of the government came after the opposition blocs and Kurdish parties to reduce them significantly."

"The government is seeking to receive all federal funds from the region, such as border ports, airports and oil to be distributed as salaries and allowances to the staff of the region after checking the names," Hama added.

Hama said, "the arrival of the draft budget law during the current week to the House of Representatives to make some amendments and approval before the end of this year"