Intensification of aerial bombardment as a prelude to the battle of deduction in Al-Qaim

Receding {Daesh} in the border with Syria ,
Baghdad / morning Nasiriyah / Hazem Mohamed Habib
The Iraqi Air Force intensified its raids on the weapons stores and the hideouts of the leaders of źDa'ash╗ in the framework of the preliminary bombing to resolve the last battle against the gangs in the cities of Rawa and the pillar adjacent to the Syrian border,

the command was issued by the leadership with the participation of the elite of our forces .. After that received our pieces and the popular crowd hundreds Of the people fleeing from the oppression of the dead towards the city of the wet, mostly women and children.

Successful air strikes The

Ministry of Defense confirmed the increase of concentrated bombing on the dens of al-Qaim in the district of Qaim far west of Al-Anbar in preparation for the liberation process, it explained in a statement that the air force planes carried out by intelligence information successful strikes through the destruction of stores containing large quantities of weapons

and "Adding that the presence of Daash in Iraq is currently limited only in the border with Syria, specifically in the cities of Rawa and Qaim after the liberation of the entire district of the province of Hawija a few days ago.

At the same time, a statement issued by the army's air force said that the hawks of its helicopters carried out flights on the Akashat road near the Iraqi border with Syria, pointing out that they found two wheels carrying equipment, mortars and machine guns. All terrorists.

On Tuesday, the Air Force destroyed five wheels of a full-fledged and killed a number of terrorists as they were heading from Qaim to the military units stationed in the liberated city of Ana and the outskirts of Rawa.

In preparation for the final decision , a security source in Anbar province revealed that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, instructed the leadership of the 1st Golden Division and the Federal Police Forces to participate in the liberation of the cities of Rawa and al-Qaim and the surrounding areas.

Along with the rest of the ranks of the military forces entrenched in that cut.
The source added that the command of these forces to participate in the last liberation in the far west of Anbar comes within the ongoing preparations to break into the two cities and purge them and the declaration of the province is completely liberated from the remnants of the defeated dude.