Jubouri reviews the results of his talks in Erbil


Confirmed that the visit revealed a viable dimension .. And deputies demand the cancellation of the referendum first
Baghdad / Al-Sabah
Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr. Salim al-Jubouri reviewed the results of his talks in Erbil. The council voted on the recommendations of supporting the city of Hawija and the relatives of the martyr Abu Tahseen al-Salhi. The twenty-fifth regular session held on Monday, attended the 174 deputies.

Returning to the Constitution
Al-Jubouri said during his review of the results of the visit: "The constant mobility of abstract narrow purposes is a public duty to opinion makers and leaders of the nation to do before the complexity of things."

He pointed out the Speaker of the House of Representatives to conduct a series of deliberations in Baghdad and with figures and symbols at a high level in the administration of the State, as well as political addresses and personalities of the community and international and regional visit to Erbil.

"The completion of the deliberations requires a transient opening to narrow horizons and achieves the principle of openness from within and not from outside." The visit revealed a viable dimension and created the appropriate ground for a broad and open dialogue instead of a solid wall policy. Which lead to the resolution of the crisis.

Al-Jubouri stressed that "the Council stood by the return to the Constitution and the priority of the language of dialogue, which aims at the unity of Iraq, especially that the dialogue is with the enemy how to the people of one house and the partners of the country,

especially that the Kurds Iraqi people and leadership and we must believe in dialogue with those who disagree with the opinion in the same house, Noting that "it is not possible to talk about everything in the stage of maturity dialogues where will be revealed after the results close to all details," stressing that no compromise at all on the unity of Iraq will be a solution to avoid internal conflict.

The principle of partnership The President of the House of Representatives that "the current dispute threatens the existence of the State under the threat of the principle of partnership and there are two approaches, the first courage of escalation and the second courage of peace," noting the existence of "moves towards the tribes to join the idea of ​​a province beyond the Kurdistan region, To keep those areas within the framework of one Iraq. "