Parliament intends to force the Kurdistan Alliance deputies to sign pledges .. This content

A member of the parliamentary legal committee, high Nassif, on Monday, that there is a tendency to force the Kurdistan Alliance deputies to sign pledges for the purpose of attending meetings of the House of Representatives.

Nassif told "Iraq News" that "the parliamentary committee, which was formed last Saturday of the committees of member affairs and the legal committee, to consider the issue of the Kurdistan Alliance MPs and participants in the referendum on secession, will force the Kurdish deputies to sign pledges in order to attend parliamentary sessions.

"The content of these pledges, which will be signed by the Kurdish representatives is not to override the Iraqi constitution and not to respond to the results of the referendum."

The referendum in the Kurdistan region, which took place on the twenty-fifth of last month, the suspension of the Kurdistan Alliance deputies to attend the parliamentary sessions, while the parliamentary circles talk about the suspension of the members of the participants in the referendum and submit to the court,

but parliamentary sources questioned the possibility of success initiatives of Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri to return the Kurds To the Parliament to pass some outstanding laws, including the law of the Electoral Commission. "