Expert: Proper planning drives the economy and attracts investors


Student development of the basic design of the city of Baghdad
Baghdad / Hussein Thugb

Promoting cities through developing their design base and developing investment in all its joints is a method that is adopted in all cities that seek development and economic advancement, which necessitates us to work to create an ideal environment to activate domestic investment and attract foreign capital away from any complexity, New development.

Economic expert Mohammed Shaker said: Iraq is a country that is distinguished from the jealousy of the countries of the world that it has the opportunities for work and wealth, which gives it an international importance, as prepared and classified by major international companies in the site is important for them.

He said in an interview with "morning" that the economic construction, which can be accurate and beneficial to change the shape of the country requires planning to a high degree of precision between the stages of economic construction and the shape of the next phase and economic feasibility that must be achieved. Axial methods

He pointed out that the city of Baghdad needs to develop the design of the form of a foundation that takes into account modernity and preserve our historical heritage, noting the importance of removing the commercial centers from the center and be the only administration within the capital and implement circular roads fast round the city of Baghdad,

pointing out that central Baghdad can be devoted to entertainment The construction of towers and various facilities and the management of industrial cities that will be established after the development of highways and implementation of trends in achieving the economic feasibility of Iraq.

Iraq has the economic capabilities to be able to be the eighth economic tiger in the world according to many economists
and those interested in this regard. Sovereign guarantees that proper planning leads to the activation of work in all joints and move the wheel of the economy and come to the capital of the world, where there are a lot of international banks and funds wish to come with their capital, but in accordance with sovereign guarantees or other guarantees.

He suggested the establishment of a joint stock company under the leadership of the National Investment Authority and the intervention of 25% of the countries working on the implementation of projects with qualitative specifications and in this form can contribute citizens in this company and be a new model can be developed gradually, noting the importance of the National Investment Commission to grant land to investors after All land allocated for investment shall be transferred to it.

The economic experiences that Iraq is a unique work portal in the world because of the abundance of employment opportunities in all sectors, which requires that the city of Baghdad in the form of civilization through development in a manner that is consistent with its historical and economic capabilities as the center of wealth management of Iraq.

Investment operations
Shaker pointed out the importance of rewarding incentives from the profits of the projects to the employees working in the investment joints, so that we can stimulate the efforts exerted in this regard and be a gate to reduce the corruption that accompanies the completion of investment operations and caused the decline of the investment environment in Iraq.

He pointed to the possibility of benefiting from the experiences of global and regional have a positive impact locally and internationally, for example, the great developer, "Emaar", pointing out the possibility to employ this experience in Iraq and to enhance the privacy of Iraq, where we can have a large developer has strategies

And development visions that accelerate the implementation of the executive arm is a thin companies specialized in the areas of its work and is implemented in accordance with international standards, so we can start a new phase of work, especially when the developer works on the service project implemented for a period of ten years.

Shakir stressed that the success of the investment and make it active in Iraq needs to the ideal environment, the presence of a strong banking sector with high capabilities and able of large numbers, in addition to the insurance sector is an important factor in economic advancement.

He urged the need to give investment opportunities to the real investor and this must be according to important criteria, indicating that the actual investor can start where the world ended and has the ability to bring systems that help to complete the projects away from any confusion.

The real development to that student member of the Baghdad Economic Forum to speed up communication between the public and private sectors and work to benefit from experts in the development of joints of the economy, both production and service and work to provide the mechanisms required to activate the real development.

He warned of the repercussions of the decline in performance in all sectors in light of the increase in the annual labor force as the labor market enters annually more than one million young people from university outputs and other joints, which requires serious and real work to develop the working environment and management centers through proper planning of these operations.