Economic maturity


Dr.. In the name of Brahimi
The Prime Minister and the formation of the Supreme Committee for Investment in Iraq under his chairmanship and the membership of a number of relevant ministries to consider the proposals and steps that can contribute to facilitate the completion of investment projects, especially the strategy, which many of them, "outstanding" did not benefit the citizen or the investor.

The first step was the establishment of the National Coordination Council to improve the direct investment environment and develop policies that help to increase the competitiveness of local products. The second step was the establishment of the National Coordinating Council to improve the environment for direct investments.

In the establishment of the International Advisory Council, which includes the executive directors of the top twenty foreign companies in Turkey to attend a working day with the Turkish Prime Minister and Minister of State for the economy to address the problems of investors and come out with a number of recommendations each time.

These measures have contributed to improving the investment environment and attract foreign capital and from various countries until the investment in Turkey reached about 15 billion dollars annually, thus becoming one of the most polarizing countries for foreign investment, although some believe Turkey has reported much of the good situation it enjoys Politically and securityally compared to other countries in the Middle East,

especially with the change that hit many of them, which was competing with Turkey to attract foreign capital, but the experience has succeeded.

In order to benefit from the experiences of others and in the framework of enhancing the investment environment in Iraq, other steps must be taken to support the formation of the Higher Investment Committee. As well as the importance of dealing with cases of corruption that led to the withdrawal of foreign and domestic capital as well. In this context, it is necessary to review the evaluation of the efficiency and integrity of departments in investment bodies in

I think that the time has come for such courageous steps, especially as we finish the military page and move on to face the economic benefits that will be the decisive factor in evaluating the performance of the government and chart the lines of our economic future.