Oglu Nujaifi and Allawi: are not authorized to cancel the decisions on the referendum of the region

The decision of the House of Representatives, "Niazi Myanmar Oglu," Sunday, that the Vice-President of the Republic, "Iyad Allawi" and "Osama Nujaifi" are not authorized to cancel the decisions on the referendum in the Kurdistan region.

The "Oglu", in a televised statement, "Sky Press," that "Vice-President of the Republic Iyad Allawi and Osama Nujaifi are not authorized to cancel the decisions of the Parliament and the Federal Court and the orders of the federal government on the course of the referendum."

The Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, on Saturday, the agreement of the President of the region Massoud Barzani with Vice-President of the Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi on the "start of dialogue" between the political parties in the country, while they stressed the "immediate lifting of sanctions" for Kurdistan.