Optical cable brings great economic returns to Iraq

09/8/2017 12:00 am

Serves all sectors and prepares an international crossing
Baghdad / Shukran al-Fatlawi
In order to boost economic revenues, in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country as a result of the decline of oil prices in the world markets, and to enable the possession of a government network secured will in turn establish an effective electronic government, as well as make the Internet available to all Iraqis at high speeds and cheap prices, Optical cable (SCIS).

Director General of International Network Services (SCIS) Ali Mohammed Al-Qasab The project was completed by the state-of-the-art national digital platform based on a network of high-capacity fiber optic infrastructure that enables the country to have a secure network that places it in the ranks of the developed countries and makes it a non-consumer producer of data and information.

He said the butcher in an interview with the "morning" to the economic project returns , saying: " The Iraqi government collects the amount of 17 percent of the total imports of the project (not profit) for the Ministry of Communications as well as 20 percent of the total revenue of the Ministry of Finance tax sales.

And accounted for 37 percent of The total revenue, which accounts for more than 65 percent of the profits, counted by the very large amounts in light of the economic distress experienced by the country as a result of the fall in world oil prices, which is considered the main source of the state budget.

"The cables of the sea and continued Alqasab that Iraq will be an international gateway to data stakes, which qualifies for the first time to benefit from it economically, explaining that: Iraq has not benefited from this resource before, where the Internet networks in the Gulf region and the Middle East cables marine, Around the world, stressing the cables that pass through the Egyptian Red Sea and Egypt or spread across the African continent,

and as the corridors of the sea is experiencing problems and difficulties in repairing cables when any cutting, and may take weeks to repair sometimes, but the new network will add corridors of the network cable
Current freedom, will also increase the number of lanes linking Europe to the Middle East and the Far East.

He pointed out that the project works to provide secure infrastructure for the security and defense sectors through the processing of 6 light filaments and a length of 4000 km, especially the security and defense system, and is completely separated from any devices for the project, as well as providing ready infrastructure for projects of security surveillance cameras in cities, This system to 70 percent of the cost of connecting these cameras without a project.

Data Centers Al Qasab confirmed that the project ensures the establishment of giant data centers, which can be a product of information and knowledge, and provide local capacities and internal metro network, which opens the door to many applications in the field of health, education and e-government, as well as the revival of commercial applications.

It also provides the basic infrastructure for mobile operators to provide 3G services and future generations. It will also increase the gross domestic product of Iraq as well as increase the per capita income of Iraq in proportion to the speed of the Internet, according to several studies and data of the World Bank and many other competent organizations.

The project services concluded Director General for International Network speech explaining that the project is implemented and managed by the Ministry of Communications represented by the General Company for the services of the International Information Network and in partnership with each of the two (Aartlink and Symphonie Telecom), pointing out that Cisco is one of the
supplied equipment and devices The project consists of advanced and modern switches which are responsible for technical support and maintenance of these devices.