Jubouri: Parliament will enact a law guaranteeing the retirement of the public and private sectors

07/8/2017 12:00 am

An agreement on the presentation of the government's proposal on the election law
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, revealed the Parliament's intention to legislate a law guaranteeing pension rights for the public and private sectors, while stressing that next year will be a year in the lives of Iraqis, stressing the importance of reaching Parliamentary blocs to a compromise formula for the election law to give priority to the supreme interest of the

According to data of the Office of the Speaker of the media, received by «morning», that al-Jubouri confirmed, during his chairing a meeting of heads of political blocs parliamentary, «Parliament is keen on the unity of the position between the political blocs on reaching an acceptable formula for the election law», adding that «the current stage calls Of all to rely on the language of dialogue and calm and stay away from political escalation, which will lead to more complexity ».

"We are keen to be sensitive texts in the laws have taken a lot of discussion and dialogue before the vote on them, especially that have repercussions on the mood of the people," pointing out that «Iraq is going through an important stage that requires us to make maximum efforts to pass the election law To ensure the representation of all without exclusion and enhance the confidence of the Iraqi citizen and meet his ambitions in the file of reforms ».

The participants agreed to present the Government's proposal on the percentage and the electoral component of the Local Elections Act.

The Speaker of the Parliament, in his meeting with the delegation of the General Union of Trade Unions in Iraq, reviewed "union work in the country and the most prominent laws supporting the slum of workers and workers. The Speaker listened to the delegation's requests and obstacles to their work by studying the proposals made by the
trade union delegation .

Al-Jubouri stressed the importance of the role of the working class during the current stage, which requires the unity of all in building the institutions of the state on the basis of professionalism and integrity and the promotion of service reality, especially in the liberated areas of abomination, calling on the terrorist.

He called on all to "focus seriously on rebuilding the legacy of terrorism , Through hard work and responsible for moving towards a secure
and stable Iraq ».

"The parliament is keen on legislating a law guaranteeing the pension rights of the public and private sectors," he said. "He is keen to guarantee workers' rights and protect them for a free and dignified life." .

For his part, the delegation of the trade union «the role of parliament speaker in support of trade union work, and his keenness to complete all legislation supporting the sector in the country».
"The next year will be a decisive year in the lives of Iraqis and the beginning of a new phase, entitled President Elections," said Speaker of the House of Representatives, in a lecture at the Ishan Center for Research and Strategic Studies: "These elections will be different from the previous ones, Strong elections will be
managed. "

Jubouri added that «next year will bear a new fingerprint will be practically a stage after the urging», expressing his belief in «increasing the volume of understanding between the center and the region after the emergence of election results and the formation of the next government».

On the future electoral alliances, al-Jubouri said that "Alliances will move away from the internal sectarian dimension in favor of regional polar conflict trends with a political flavor rather than sectarian sectarianism."

If the continued decline in oil prices is not remedied by a transient economic policy, we will enter a narrow tunnel of austerity And the large deficit
in the budget ».