Central puts the company mediate on the blacklist because of terrorism ??

It included the Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, brokered by the company on the blacklist for having provided support and funding for terrorist entities, calling for banks and financial institutions not to deal with those entities directly or indirectly.

The bank said it 'the inclusion of Kawthar Financial mediation (EIQ1987 / 3) and the owner of Omar Mahmoud Rahim al - Kubaisi, located in the existing judiciary in Anbar province, the black list under US law', attributing the cause to 'having provided support and funding terrorist entities which Daesh and al - Qaeda'.

The bank added that ' the measure comes within the verification conducted by the control of foreign in the US Treasury Department assets Office in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq to ensure that the arrival of the money to the organization of procedures (Daesh) terrorist'
, indicating that he 'was taking the necessary measures to prevent them from entering the Iraqi financial system and the freezing of assets owned by them inside Iraq. "

The bank stressed 'the need for banks and financial institutions and the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures to not deal with those entities directly or indirectly.'

He noted the bank 'US Treasury has praised the actions taken by the Iraqi authorities to impede the dealings of financial Daesh in Iraq, and that it is implementing an elaborate system of anti - money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, which has helped to strengthen Iraq 's ability to protect its financial system from exploitation by Kdaash terrorist groups '.