Iraqi oil on world markets

6/18/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Tariq al- Araji ,
announced the distribution of petroleum products company success in the export of basic motor oil to world markets after Iraq was a net importer of this article in previous years.

The company director Ali al - Moussawi said the "morning": " The oils produced in local refineries, particularly the refinery, one of the world class oil company succeeded recently in a contract with an international company to export nearly ten thousand tons of engine oils basis for six months. "

Moussawi said that " the company is currently negotiating with international consulting firms to introduce the company to the global market as a source basis after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Oil Jabbar Laibi and the relevant authorities in the ministry developed."

" The company now has become an exporter of this article contributes to supplement the country 's hard currency and multiple sources of income within the government 's drive to diversify exports."