A call to activate the Iraqi - US economic relations

6/18/2017 0:00

To take advantage of advanced technology and attract capital
BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

Activation of economic activity between Iraq and the United States is one of the things that contribute to the activation of economic activities through investment advanced technology investment companies here to activate production and service activities in Iraq.

The international economy expert Abdul Aziz Al - Khudairi said that economic relations form often determines all other forms of political relations and in the forefront, pointing out that the unification of economic relations , mutually beneficial , which leads to the existence of real political relations produce benefits for all parties.

Re - evaluate

she said in an interview with the "morning" that one of the most important features of the new US administration to focus on economic interests with other countries of the world, where it began re - evaluation of US trade relations and their counterparts in various countries of the balance of payments and various activities.

He noted that the new US administration began to re - evaluate the economic relations with various countries of the world, depends where the volume of trade activity and mutual balance of payments, especially as the new president announced this matter on many occasions.

Offers cooperation Khudairi stressed that some countries have submitted bids for trade cooperation, particularly Japan , in order to strengthen the bonds of economic work to achieve mutual benefit, especially as the United States is one of the most powerful global economies.

He pointed out that Iraq friendly trade relations with many countries of the world, including the United States of America, noting that in the presence of a political rapprochement between the two countries ,

we must reconsider economic relations so as to achieve the great benefit of Iraq and drawing new cooperation roadmap contribute to the development of economic sectors, the beneficiaries advanced technology and capital owned by US companies competent in so many benefits for both countries.

The past period , the establishment of US - Iraqi organization for business dialogue committee comprises US and Iraqi consists of 20 members and a rival between the two countries that need to activate its paces serve the ends of the process.

Sophisticated technology Khudairi stressed the importance of the development of Iraq 's economic work tracks the US in the short and long term, by building solid foundations so achieve the highest degree of economic feasibility to both parties.

The challenges of trade exchange between the two countries , said that Iraq is looking forward to the sophisticated technology of the United States high - quality mission such as oil, gas, minerals, electricity, transport and communications,

as well as agriculture and
banking services and other services sectors and products, but there are several challenges and these challenges have made a number ofUS companies operating in Iraq does not exceed (20) company of the total 1600 registered company in Iraq.

The presence of companies and stressed that at the forefront of the challenges facing the presence of sophisticated American companies not clear visions of investment and red tape inherent in the circle registered companies and the granting of entry visas ...., which requires that the National Investment Commission take it upon themselves to work to improve the reality of the investment environment through coordination with the relevant ministries.

He urged to change the point of cutting - edge international companies from other countries better its investment environment to Iraq , which contains major investment opportunities to absorb the efforts of specialized companies in the