Look at the general framework of the National Development Plan 2018 - 2022

6/18/2017 0:00

Faris Al Salman *
Seen on the National Development Plan 2018 - 2022, and drew my attention to focus on achieving sustainable development and well-being, justice, security, and environmental protection general framework, and the preservation of the rights of future generations, as well as emphasis on engagement with all partners, as confirmed Vision 2030 in Iraq to be competitive under good governance to achieve justice and ensure equal opportunities for all, the motto of this ambitious plan, which is: "lay the foundations of an effective developmental state with social responsibility," as the plan classified the challenges facing Iraq realistically.

And provided basic principles on community empowerment, and equal opportunities as well as the gradual process of economic transformation. Turning the plan into the philosophy of economic management, which included a lot of ambitious goals, including good governance so as to create the adoption of the social market economy as a way of economic management system,

which calls for the Baghdad Economic Forum to adopt this system, and has already proposed its adoption through quad published on the pages of the newspaper " Al- Sabah" last year .

There is no doubt that the planners and the authors of the plan were realistic in setting goals Because of the great challenges facing Iraq, and took into consideration that the trend to the market economy free time present means of suicide, and creates economic shocks and social, add the challenges of catastrophic additional to those faced by Iraq during the thirty last year.

The plan realistic and build a general framework, but more importantly , it is accurate and detailed road map and flexible , which must be prepared so that the plan is actually implemented, as well as providing effective mechanisms for implementation and control; and I hope the authors of the plan , taking into account among other facts, challenges and access to the details in order to develop sub - plans for action effective.

One of these facts, that the success of the application of the social market economy depends on the level of economic development of the country, if the economic development of a large and growing can be applied so that a large part of the economic resources directed to social development projects.

Iraq from developing countries and is suffering from an economic deformation caused by the exceptional circumstances experienced and passes by, making the application of the social market economy is more complicated, and we first need to transform the economic doctrine (if any) of the parties active in the Iraqi arena to the faith of this economic model,

as well as strengthen the faith of businessmen and industrialists and economists this economic choice, and ensure adoption of this approach also requires the availability and awareness of the faith and culture of trade unions and unify the positions of the mass base to negotiate realistically.

In summary, the adoption of this approach requires the establishment of an alliance formally between the neutral and the money men and industry state and the economy with trade unions to form a triangle establishes a system of social market economy, in order to ensure that state intervention positively to adjust market mechanisms when there is any imbalance (from commercial dumping, fraud, monopoly, etc.),

as well as providing employment opportunities, develop and raise the efficiency of manpower, and ensure the smooth flow of investment and the success of the projects carried out by the men of money and industry, while ensuring an annual review to determine wages and prices.

The corner of the foundation of the social market economy is to be an effective state intervention and neutral and positive as well as the necessity of income and the distribution of aid and taxation equitably to ensure a fair distribution among segments of society.

We need before embarking on the application of this economic approach to the conclusion of a new social contract between the controlling political parties class and among the general public, so determining the duties and the limits of the powers of the members of the government and parliament deputies must make them understand that authorized to not absolute and there is a plan with the timing and legislation need to approve or to edit , including this approach serves the economic,

as well as explain to the political elite details of the social market economy (social welfare system) and to ensure that her faith and absorbed by him and clarify with globalization as opposed to the control of the transcontinental companies and Western monopolies and its system of globalization on the Opinion Smalah led to the control of the economic surplus and massive profits,

and instead of investing these profits in infrastructure development and social development, have been used in financial and real estate speculation , as well as tax evasion.

The work of the ruling parties requires them to consider the interests of society in all its components , and the role of government developmentally dynamic puts the interests of the community first, so that leaves no room for narrow interests.

We are facing the inevitability of a strong cohesive government, adopt a draft economic reform applicable scientific and management conscious insured and willing to apply dutifully.

The plan will face political challenges of ensuring the peaceful transfer of authority and impartiality of the state, not Tajir state parties or persons responsible, as well as the rumor of transparency and integrity and activating accountability under the law , which must actually be above everyone else .

Achieving this system requires comprehensive reforms compatible and Ptoukitat guaranteed in all administrative, economic and political aspects, especially political reform and to ensure the neutrality of the judiciary; as the market economy is based on the idea of interaction between the markets and the movement and when there is a need for state intervention, should this intervention be positive and in careful and thoughtful to restore balance to the markets that upset this balance.

The existence of interaction between the state and markets leads to the creation of a balanced relationship between the role of the state, markets and promised them partners and the duty of cooperation to achieve the interests of both parties and thus achieve the interest of community assembly, and this requires coordination between the goods market, the market capitalists, the labor market force,

which requires urgently develop state regulatory agencies to act quickly , impartial and professional, as well as ensuring the independence of the judicial institutions in absolute terms , the independence and impartiality of the Central Bank.

It must also stop economic chaos and decline in the state 's role in restoring balance to the market, as well as build a system of social values and national consensus, define the goals and strategy of national security, and the development of a rational and realistic solutions to the challenges of the displaced, and the reconstruction of the liberated cities, and re - build infrastructure dilapidated building or obsolete in the whole of Iraq,

addressing unemployment and raise the level of skilled manpower, as it must provide the labor force and rehabilitation, and the provision of supply and demand mechanisms in order to determine the price and provide growth tool to achieve maximum economic income as possible,

and use part of it to achieve economic and social development, covering National defense requirements, and this requires consensus and a national consensus so that the state intervenes style and timing right.

Must provide for the plan to food security and food security, as Iraq must self - sufficient production of basic crops to national security considerations, as well as the face of economic challenges; the security of drug insurance, insurance education, health and security, and ensure that the work of the most important elements of the success of the plan.

We need to develop state intellectually and organization of management and performance in economic and social fields; with the necessity of creating economic pluralism and non - dependence on oil as the sole source of income for the state, especially the expansion projects , petrochemicals , which can be an effective tool to counter the decline in crude oil prices globally.

Also it has to create an institutional legal system of social negotiation and moving wages within development plans in the framework of market mechanisms and social development.

And develop a comprehensive plan for the real scientific reform and rationalization of government spending in a real and not a formality, and the exploitation of all available resources, and the distribution of national income as the best;

it should encourage domestic and foreign investment is in the interest of the state and society, not to be compromised national wealth under the pretext of investment, and not be a for political partners , businessmen are monopolizing investment opportunities.

It must form a real negotiating delegation composed of government representatives and representatives of the people (who is the owner of the real wealth), and must be representatives of the people real and are not elected by the government 's perimeter or close to its members, to put forward a strategy designed to achieve real development through the social market economy to cross stage reconstruction,

and to achieve social balance, and building state institutions, as well as the national product and support, and following the transfer of technology policy development, and transfer of the secret knowledge, and develop the skill and knowledge of manpower, and the expansion of the training of moderation cadres, and the adoption of a strategy of technical education and development,

and there is increasing the proportion of biolo Produced locally involved in the manufacture of goods collected; as well as the development of agriculture and industry so that the oil involved as resources of the state, and the establishment of industries based on agricultural product so that agriculture outputs are inputs for the industry; and directing agricultural loans properly through the banking policy of prudent, and the application of VAT in order to fight Tax evasion.

The new formulation of a comprehensive development plan and the adoption of new mechanisms and the adoption of corporate governance and competitiveness in all state institutions and the private and mixed sectors Lehigh effective treatment for the problems of Iraq 's economic and social.

The real private sector did not find a real chance in light of the confusion and economic favoritism financial and administrative rampant corruption, some Iraqi private sector 's wealth has grown far from fair competitive atmosphere, as this some may have a monopoly grew
under the testimony of the government 's decision , whether a collective limited or individually,

as the private sector is the real adopted in the previous period to seize opportunities and achieve individual gains through nepotism and relationships and was able to get opportunities and exemptions and facilities, so must the appropriate climate provision to allow national real private sector and not the parasite in order to contribute to the development within the vision of Stra Leger clear set by the state,

and setting firm foundations of economic freedom determined by the general behavior of the specific rules originally laws and legislation, and that the state interfere with a scientific and neutral manner to create a competitive environment through monetary and fiscal policies to elevate the performance and have intervention and control over policies and not through direct intervention.

Must establish competitive rules among all economic sectors and individuals and to ensure freedom of supply and demand and legislation to prevent fraud, monopoly and dumping and apply the laws strictly away from partisan influences and tribal and thus achieve parity between the parties of the economic process (government / workers / employers) and ensure that the tyranny of the interests of the party to another party and thus the fruit is to achieve development and social justice , serving lower - income groups.

The state must commit to intervene through social means of care of smart (and social health such as a guarantee / smart active support / development aid / grants sectoral smart) that the basis of any economic system to be free and state intervention is the exception.

There must be intelligent and advanced between economic efficiency and social justice consensus.

I hope the authors of the plan , taking into consideration the challenges of the industrial revolution , the fourth and the development of appropriate solutions to their effects in the Iraqi economy.

In conclusion , I would like to say: that of the pillars of economy that there is a financial system and monetary stable non - exhibit shocks so they do not lose the citizen or part of its assets or savings as a result of economic shocks or the collapse of privately owned banks, it is the duty of the Central Bank of Iraq 's banking system cleared elements that have crept into the system and working agendas destructive,

as well as taking the central bank took the initiative and address the issue of private banks lagging in a scientific manner enhances the citizen 's confidence in the banking system as a whole, which will inevitably lead to the increase in the volume of deposits, and enhance investor confidence and the global banking system effectively a J The central bank procedures.

It must be proposed financial and monetary system includes a plan to adopt the necessary legislation and reform tax smart , bringing Investment and not repellent to him, the structure of banking institutional able to finance the benefits of reasonable, and guarantee deposits, strict control of the central bank,

and provide accurate statistics for the application of control over the implementation of the development plan and assessment and evaluation, as well as the subsequent construction of the plan, coincides financial and monetary system reform with the development of the Ministry of Industry companies and

mixed sector companies and picking them up from their current status.

* President of the
Baghdad Economic Forum