Iraq on the verge of business led by Abadi, an American and caretaker government trusteeship
]June 15, 2017

Early Thursday, the source said Iraq's future revealed a caretaker government after the end of the constitutional term of the current government, while noting that this government will be led by Abadi and US trusteeship.

The source said for "Sky Press," said, "forthcoming in the Iraq scenario will happen after 21.09.2017, the end of the constitutional period of the Board of Commissioners, and that means electing a new board of commissioners, which will crash from work for a period of five months, according to the election of the Board of Commissioners Law" .

He added,
"During this period the Iraqi government will have completed her term constitutional, and therefore will postpone the elections, which calls for the formation of an emergency government under the supervision of the United Nations trusteeship Amrakh and led by al-Abadi."