Arrested 199 Iraqi immigrants in the Trump plan enforcement of immigration laws

Officials said that US immigration authorities arrested 199 Iraqi immigrants, mostly from the Detroit area, in the last three weeks and moved to deport them after Iraq agreed to accept the deportees in the framework of a deal to lift it from the list of countries that President Donald Trump seeks to prevent the coming of them from entering the United States .

Said Gillian Christensen , a spokeswoman for the enforcement of US immigration laws and tax administration, in a statement on Wednesday that the authorities arrested 114 Iraqis, at the weekend in the Detroit area and arrested 85 others in other areas over the past weeks.

The moves comes within the framework sought Trump 's administration to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws and push countries to accept the return of their children who have been sentenced to deportation from the United States.

The crackdown of Iraqi immigrants in the wake of the US government 's decision to remove Iraq from the list of countries targeted by a modified version of a temporary ban was issued in March.

Said Christensen , the vast majority of those arrested were convicted of criminal charges such as murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, robbery, drug trafficking and violations relating to the possession of arms and other crimes.

She added that by April 17, 2017 , there were 1444 Iraqis were sentenced to final orders of deportation, and since the agreement was reached on March 12 was eight Iraqis deported to their country.

Lawyers said there are dozens of Iraqi Catholics , Chaldeans in Detroit among the targets in combing operations, and fear some of them killed if they were deported to Iraq.

Martin said Mana head of the Chaldean Community Foundation in a statement on Wednesday, 'is disturbing strongly that the enforcement of US immigration laws and tax administration indicate its intention to move the Chaldean Christians to Iraq where they face persecution and death because of their religious beliefs. "