Air Force destroyed the headquarters of Daesh in Hawija and western Anbar

It killed the Iraqi air force, dozens of terrorists Daesh gangs, destroying the headquarters and hideouts for them in judicial Alihujah southwest of Kirkuk province and the western province of Anbar.

According to a statement of the cell war media got "direction Press" a copy of it, "According to information the Directorate General of Intelligence and Security Hawks air directed air strikes resulted in the destruction of four headquarters belonging to the gangs of terrorist Daesh and killed many terrorists, mostly foreigners sexual and damaged all weapons and ammunition that were in possession of in terms of the Abbasid Hawija to spend.

He added another statement to the media war that the Air Force has also been "several air strikes resulted in the destruction of Crane belonging to Daesh and killed dozens of terrorists who Kano inside them as recent destruction of a store of weapons and ammunition and become corrupted all of the north of West Lake.