Expert warns of a rift between Iraq and Kuwait is not addressed danger from now

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Chairman of the Iraqi Advisory Office Amer Abdul-Jabbar Ismail warned of the evil coming mesmerized between Iraq and Kuwait because of the survival of an open debt file so far.

He overheard Kuwait got $ 52 billion compensation, "mostly false or fabricated or exaggerated" from Iraq because of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

He said after 2003, the Iraqi government returned many precious missing Kuwait has not deducted Akiem these losses from debt "unfair" because Kuwait has received compensation previously reported, especially that Iraq has paid these debts so far about 88.5% of Kuwait, and Kuwait is still demanding amounts The remaining amount of about $ 4.6 billion.

He noted that successive Iraqi governments after the 2003 "overlooked this file and even worse, the ruling parties in Iraq have been granted Kuwait new concessions after 2003 outside the Security Council resolution 833 which is approved on the port of Mubarak, despite violating the Law of the Sea and the Convention on the Khawr Abd Allah humiliating which gave new spoils of Kuwait after Prop 162. "

He continued by saying, "the catastrophe that Kuwait is still demanding the search for missing Kuwaitis and Iraqi governments dug up all the mass graves again in search of them did not even demanding to ask about the fate of the missing Iraqis in Kuwait."

Ismail noted that "because of the remaining Kuwaiti belongings, Iraq is still so far under Chapter VII and not as claimed by the promoters of the Khawr Abd Allah humiliating agreement that the vote on Iraq out of Chapter VII."

He stressed that "future generations merciless one and Mzabl history do not forget one of them and will reopen all Kuwait files unfair against Iraq in the future."

He called on what he described as "wise parties" to make a "consensual settlement, comprehensive and friendly" concerning all outstanding issues between the two countries and the debt is not a file only for the purpose of "extinguish the evil coming sedition" and save the Iraqi and Kuwaiti peoples from the evils ...