Abadi decided to withdraw the general pension law in order to include private sector employees

Parliamentary Finance Committee, revealed Wednesday, the withdrawal of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi General Pension Law and converted to the State Consultative Council with a view to the inclusion of workers in the private sector, as pointed to the mentioned change to the Social Insurance Act, the file name.

The committee member said Hussam Punitive told / information / "The prime minister has withdrawn the Unified Retirement Law and transferred to the State Consultative Council in order to switch its name to the Social Insurance Law and the inclusion of all employees in the private sector for the purpose of counted retirees within the staffing of the country.

He added that "the inclusion of workers in the private sector mechanism lies Btenseegahm with the Social Security Department to pay for them in order to finance the arrests calculated as a functional service to them pave their inclusion in the said law.

Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed, the late 2016, the House of Representatives decided to install the age of employees is sitting government sector at 50 years, or who have years of service not less than 15 years.