The integrity of Baghdad resolved 85% of the issues during 2016 and the arrest of 51 gang counterfeiting

He confirmed to achieve fairness in the court of Baghdad, on Wednesday, resolving 85% of issues during the past year in 2016, while the judge said money laundering and economic crime to be resolved 281 cases during the year, pointed to the arrest of 51 gang counterfeiting.

A court of inquiry integrity in Baghdad, Qazi Mohammed Salman during a press conference with the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud and senior judges and heads of courts at the headquarters of the federal judiciary and attended (the long-Presse) that "the Court of integrity settled 3597 cases during 2016 in Baghdad, only 85% of issues.

For his part, money laundering and economic crime Judge Iyad Muhsin bandaged during the conference that "281 The Court resolved the issue of money laundering during the current year and has prosecuted a number of workers in banks and gangs and mafias money and businessmen accused of.

He bandaged to "the arrest of 65 gang for trafficking in antiquities, and 51 gang counterfeiting," stressing "take legal action against all the gangs and their members was referred to the courts."