"Details" the first session of the parliament of the Legislative Chapter II third legislative year


parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said on Tuesday that 'all legislation that reached to the stage of voting will be included on the meeting agenda fornext Thursday.'

Jubouri said during a speech at the beginning of the first session of the second legislative term of the third legislative year, on Tuesday , ' We congratulate the members of the House of Representatives of the new year , wishing they could be our year in the new edit, build and stability'.

He added that the House of Representatives has made during the last legislative inter legislative and supervisory functions and accomplished important achievements , including the amnesty law and the popular crowd and prosecutors and the most recent federal budget and other laws important and vital. "

And the Speaker of Parliament that ' the laws accomplished smoothly and professionalism in spite of all the challenges that we faced difficult circumstances and stood to face action'.

He continued applaud victories of our army hero and the security of our troops and fighters of the crowd and the Peshmerga and all combat activities that defend land and honor against Daesh gangs terrorist, adding that he ' can not fail to reiterate our congratulations to our army and our police Baidehma wish them luck, and God keeps our men brave Almaidan homeland fever'.

And condemned the cowardly terrorist attacks against our cities safe and which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians, asking God to grant the soul of the martyrs bestow mercy and Ievi wounded and take revenge on the terrorists'.

He called al - Jubouri government to take actions that prevent terrorists from carrying out attacks vicious and cowardly, including the filling of ministerial security vacancies and the Council is ready House to do its part in this regard in the event of the arrival of the appropriate candidates for these ministries ',

adding' awaits us in this chapter ,
a table full of works of important legislation, including the Court Act Federal judicial Council, and the electoral law and the law of social security, which we hope will be passed in this chapter ,

the resumption of the constitutional committee Manmamha to get to the state constitutional amendment hoped and anticipated, and this site we invite parliamentary committees to complete what Bzmtha of legislation for inclusion on the agenda of the meetings tables in this chapter aphid '.

He explained that ' The Council is determined to initiate interrogation operations that have completed the formal, legal framework and calls for action by the House of Representatives brothers respondents to complete the interrogation undervalued projects to take its role and is determined dates necessary for the conduct'.

He said Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said Tuesday the arrival of a draft provincial elections law from the government and referred to the Legal Committee, noting that 'all legislation that reached the voting stage will be included on the agenda as early as next Thursday.