House of Representatives opens the second legislative term ends and the first reading of three laws
January 10, 2017
He finished houses at its first regular second legislative term of the third legislative year third parliamentary session, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 257 deputies on Tuesday, 01/10/2017, the first reading of three laws.

At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Jubouri offered congratulations to the Iraqi people on the occasion of the New Year, praying to Allah (God) to preserve the Iraqi people and the reign of peace and security throughout Iraq and the world that the new year has been liberalization, stability and achievements, and serve the people through cooperation between all State institutions.

President al-Jubouri, and pointed out that the House has achieved inter legislative tasks and supervisory mission and achievements in the legislative term of the former, such as the amnesty law and popular crowd and most recently the federal budget as well as the vitality of the laws was completed smoothly despite the challenges and difficult circumstances,

noting that the death of MP Abdel Azim Healing represents a loss painful one of the most important figures that were a voice of moderation, tolerance and entrepreneur equinoctial calling on God to bestow His mercy.

And here Mr. Chairman security forces of Representatives and the crowd and folk Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes that stand on the war fronts to confront Daesh, blessed the army and the police on the occasion of their establishment,

condemning the terrorist attacks cowardly, which affected a number of cities and claimed the lives of a number of martyrs and wounded called on the government to take the necessary measures to prevent their recurrence and fill the void in security positions.

And between Mr. Alajaburra that the Legislative current chapter replete with projects important laws were supplemented by the relevant committees work in a number of them, which requires passing through a new chapter, calling for making the current legislative chapter to complete the legislation on side of the service and that the competent committees to choose the members of the Electoral Commission and Constitutional Committee to hold constitutional amendment,

stressing the Council's determination to initiate operations control various events and especially those that completed the legal form for the purpose of implementation pry away any partisan or political or sectarian.

The Council then read the Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the martyrs of the House of Representatives.

This was followed by Deputy Attorney Diaa al - Asadi statement for the project prepared and written by Sayyed Moqtada al - Sadr's 35 - paragraph about election reform and election reform.

He MP Asadi that the project included setting to raise dilemmas and cons for solutions that benefit people and involvement in local upcoming elections or legislative including hard work and hard to find a new election and to hold the election law in a comprehensive manner to all parts of Iraq that are under the supervision of checks on the elections clause make it clear from the occupied countries and in coordination with the competent authorities.

And the MP Diaa al - Asadi said the project pointed out that in the absence of the possibility of cancellation of the special voting could be held on election day, according to some measures as well as ensuring voting rights for displaced and displaced according to the latest official statistics in the place who are in it and work to make the central elections abroad in each country,

adding that the project emphasized the need to work on getting the elites and cadres and the owners of jurisdiction in accordance with the terms of the kit with the importance of the legislation law to prevent armed factions from running and involve themselves in political action

and ensure the protection of polling stations by the competent security agencies with the importance of addressing electoral violations through exclusively Iraqi judiciary.

He MP Asadi that the project is proposed to be the election of governors by direct election with reducing the number of provincial seats and reduce the fiscal privileges of executive and legislative positions and reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives with the rights of minorities ,

ensure cotta women with the need to prevent members of the House of Representatives of the assumption of executive positions and travel ban MP in the next election cycle , but Bammer emergency and the emphasis on creating a mechanism for good conduct and work to hold the elections at the set time , but in the event of an emergency. (The text)

In another matter, the President of the House of Representatives announced the arrival of a draft provincial elections law of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives and will be transferred to Legal Committee for the purpose of presenting on the agenda soon.

It ended the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the freedom of association and protection to Organise No. Agreement (87) for the year 1948 submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the institutions of civil society,

which aims to promote freedom of association as a means of improving the conditions of workers for peace and devote the right to form and join trade unions, protection and right to join the international organizations of workers and employers for the purpose of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention.

Council's first reading and completed the project accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol thereto on Matters specific to Aircraft Equipment and advertising supplements to join them for the Republic of Iraq, submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, services and reconstruction,

which contributes to overcome for obtaining financing problems civilian aircraft and equipment transported high-value and secure property rights, leasing and financing secured assets and the establishment of an international registration to protect international interests in mobile equipment system, and strengthening the independence of the parties involved in related processes for the purpose of Iraq's accession to the Convention.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposed Second Amendment to the Law of sports clubs Law No. (18) for the year 1986 and submitted by the committees of Youth and Sports and the institutions of civil society, who came to organize the work of sports clubs in line with the development witnessed by the world in the field of sports and the lack of work-reasoned argument for the law of the First Amendment to the law of sports clubs No. (18) for the year 1986.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Thursday, 12/01/2017.