Cabinet discusses the budget to take a position on them

2 hours ago

Abadi said the Office, on Tuesday, the cabinet will begin to discuss the approval of the general budget to take an official position on them.

He said cabinet spokesman Saad al-Hadithi's (Journal News), the government is waiting for the release of the budget in the Official Gazette facts to be direct study of the doors, which were added on and whether it affects the financial distress suffered by the budget and the announcement of the approval to proceed with or to go to the courts to challenge the then .

Adding that the Constitution gave powers to the House of Representatives to conduct transfers between the doors of public spending and reduce the total spending in the event of increased public expenditure ", stressing that" the House of Representatives is obliged to return to the government in some paragraphs to be responsible for the customizations and provide financial cover.

The House of Representatives voted on 7 January this on the general budget for 2017, revenues amounted to 79 trillion and 11 billion and 412 million Danarbakamh $ 71 billion and the deficit exceeded 21 trillion Danar.